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Cengres is among the leading Tile manufacturers in the market. Having pioneered many practices and products that have now graduated to become trends, Cengres is a name to vouch for the highest standards and best quality. Innovation and cutting edge technology have played a pivotal role in making Cengres what it is today.

At Cengres, it has been a tradition to value our commitment towards protecting and saving the environment. This inspired a range of environment-friendly products that not only provide turn-key solutions to customers but also contribute in maintaining the delicate ecological balance.

The Success Story

The innovative journey of Cengres was set forth in the year 2008 with a production capacity of 7,000 sq. metres of vitrified tiles per day. Today, the production capacity of Cengres is approximately 14,500 sq. metres per day. Tiles with more than 1500 designs are manufactured under various forms of tiling solutions, ranging in different sizes and colors.

Having a pan-India network of dealers & distributors, Cengres is steadily expanding its foothold.

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  1. DGVT<br/>600x1200mm - 600x600mm
    600x1200mm - 600x600mm
  2. DGVT<br/>1200x2400mm-1200x1200mm-800x1600mm
  3. Vitrified Tiles<br/>800x800mm-600x600mm
    Vitrified Tiles

All your needs taken care of

While delivering the highest quality grade products is at the core, the spectrum of products with an array of designs, colours and shades adds yet another feather to Cengres. We understand that wider the range, more is the freedom to choose. The extensive range of Cengres Tiles is sure to amaze you!

An Ocean of Opportunities

Top among the company’s priorities, along with customer satisfaction, is care and concern for employees. Cengres provides for a safe and rewarding working environment. The company is committed to regular improvements and also to build a long-standing relationship. Any good relationship is based on trust, respect and integrity. With these core values Cengres hopes to achieve the status of a true global leader.

Certified by the Best

  • Cengres Vitrified Tiles Products secured ISI marking

    The faith and trust garnered by Cengres Vitrified Tiles has taken quite a leap only to get stronger. Adhering to highest manufacturing standards, Cengres deservedly secured ISI marking for quality of Vitrified Tiles.

  • Cengres Tiles is now secured CE Marking for our products

    Significance of CE marking is a kind of trade passport for the European market place. Further, Cengres now eligible for export it's products to 30 countries of the European Economic Area (EEA).

    The product no longer needs to be adapted to the specific requirements of the different member states of the EEA.

Attractive Design

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Shades and Colours

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