About Each Brand


We proudly present DIAMNtech, our new product profile which is a synthesized coating on our prestigious CENGRES tile using the state of the art Nano technology.

The synthesized coating is specially modified functional Nano Particles that are specially linked into a Silicon Matrix in a Solvent Base. NANO COATING material's size is 1 billionth of a meter.

It is a thousandth of spider’s thread size, which is applied on CENGRES tile surface forming thin fine layers.

Acting as an invisible barrier to prevent contaminants from penetrating into the surface instead. The superior protection reduces the buildup of mould and harmful bacteria, helping promote a germ free environment.


Multi Charge is a latest technology of making vitrified tiles. In this technology, design is brought in a tile by using dry color powders in the press. This is also called random powder technology which is considered as the latest method of manufacturing vitrified tiles. Here design are found throughout the tile body.These tiles are produced by a sophisticated technology known as "Multi Charged". multicolored powders are used to obtain the typical appearance of a natural marble or granite. The double charging process is rendered by super imposing a layer of micronized powders, which after pressing, firing and eventual polishing, an aesthetic effect of a natural marble or granite is evolved to a layer of the basic tile body. These models are available in both unpolished and Polished Finishes.

Lapato & Glazed Vitrified Tiles

Rustic models are usually made from the basic body granules, pressed with structured punches, and enriched with a suitable quantity of glaze and other application materials. To get the natural and elegant look of genuine stone, various types of printing and surface applications are employed, then intermittently sprayed and brushed on the surface thus enriching the natural effect. International shade or color variation, which is an integral element of the design, is likely to be observed. Beside the familiar glazed surface and unpolished finish, these products are also available in Lapatto finish.